To the prospective eco-entrepreneur:

Ty Clark, Bay Efficiency

I used to wake up and think, YES it’s FRIDAY! Now, I think that on Mondays. 

My company, Bay Efficiency, helps commercial buildings leverage energy efficiency to increase profits. We took the hassle out of energy benchmarking and we streamlined energy audits. What I do to help my customers makes me love Mondays. I like knowing that I made my clients’ lives so much better and I am building something tangible. I am motivated, invested, fulfilled and enjoy my work. I owe my success to Mark Jewell and the Efficiency Sales Professional program. When I signed up for the course, I was on the fence about what to for my new business. Now I have an amazing business plan and a solid base of customers. 

When I started my own company, my biggest challenge was realizing that I could no longer be good at just one thing; I had to be good at everything and learn it all quick. As an eco-entrepreneur you need to do everything… and you have to do it well… and you have to figure it all out quickly. With the internet you can find out anything you want, but I can tell you right now that there is not enough time. That means that instead of spending a week on the proposal like you wanted, you have to do it in two days while cramming a bunch of other stuff on top of it. 

That is where the Efficiency Sales Professional Program helped skyrocket me into success. The class hands you all of the information you need, wrapped up like an elephant sized present - the gift of eco-entrepreneurship. It’s all there. Everything you need to know and more all crammed into a 6-day boot camp. This is beyond the information that your competitor spent working five years to figure out. It’s a crash course in business school and how to sell your ideas so customers actually buy what you are offering. It is just what you need to launch your plan and make your dream a reality. Without this “present” you will find yourself, as I had, digging my way out of the wiki rabbit hole with nothing to show but a lost weekend. And, did I mention that through the Ninja Network and Workshops I have a place to go to test my ideas and get feedback before rolling it out to customers? 

Do yourself a favor, take the class, build a business, and even work from home when you feel like it. Like me, you will be happy that you got a kick in the pants to make your dreams a reality. 


Ty Clark