Sponsored Online Training

Selling Energy has partnered with the following sponsoring Utility Companies and Program Administrators to provide Online Training services FREE for eligible registrants. Please review the Eligibility Guidelines below, and if you meet the criteria, click on your Utility or Program Administrator icon below to sign up! (Available titles vary by sponsor. All online workshop options are available at full price here.)


Pacific Gas & Electric

PGE-Sponsored Training

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

SMUD-Sponsored Training

Southern California Gas

SoCalGas-Sponsored Training

San Diego Gas & Electric

SDGE-Sponsored Training

Hawaii Energy

HE-Sponsored Training


The Companies listed above have engaged EEFG, Inc. DBA Selling Energy, to provide FREE online/on-demand training exclusively to the following stakeholders:

1)   Non-residential utility customers (e.g., building owners, building managers)

2)   Professionals or consultants working to support these Utility customers 

Anyone accessing these courses who does not meet these criteria will be invoiced the full price of the training. Registrant eligibility will be verified. Those who are not eligible to register at the sponsored rate are encouraged to sign-up for these courses at the regular rate here.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: You may be eligible for Free One-on-One ENERGY STAR Benchmarking technical assistance, too. Click HERE for details.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us at info@sellingenergy.com or (415) 814-3744, or submit a request for further information here.