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We are opening up this ad space as a way of pairing our audience with offerings that are relevant to them. We value our loyal readers - these ad slots are aimed at being a win-win for both advertisers and readers. As an advertiser, your offering will be placed in front of a unique and motivated crowd of efficiency sales professionals. As a reader, these ads will expose you to new offerings that you may otherwise not have known about, offerings that have the potential to boost your business and increase your professional success. 

About Selling Energy's Blog:

Whether we sell products, services, or programs, we all need regular doses of inspiration, motivation, and tips to keep us trekking as we work to move efficiency forward. The Selling Energy newsletter introduces new and innovative ideas to keep efficiency sales professionals motivated and ahead of the curve. Subscribers have the option to receive either the daily email (published 365 days a year), or the "Weekly Recap" (a summary of the week's blog topics and motivational quotes published every Sunday). 

Receiving Jewell’s sales tips every day is something I look forward to. Getting reminders on how to be organized and competent in selling is helping me achieve higher levels of success. It’s truly wonderful to have support specifically tailored to the efficiency projects that I am working with. I have already cut my ‘getting back to people with my proposal’ time in half! Thank you, Mark for all your insights.

Ad Placement Options:

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Readership (based on June 2016 statistics):

Monday - Saturday:

Average subscriber count: 4,405
Average open rate: 20.5%
Average number of opens: 903

Sunday "Weekly Recap” email:

Average subscriber count: 4,806
Average open rate: 19.4%
Average number of opens: 932

Readership statistics vary by day and do not include additional email views from daily social media posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Size specs:

Sidebar: 160px wide by up to 600px tall
Bottom ad: max width 300px, max height 250px


Package 1: $50/day with minimum purchase of 6 days. Includes both sidebar and bottom ad (running simultaneously).
Package 2: $25/day with minimum purchase of 12 days. Includes either sidebar or bottom ad.

Interested in getting ad design assistance? We can create the ad for you based on your desired content and image(s). Ad design starts at $500 for two sizes and includes the purchase of up to two stock images of your choice. 

We reserve the right to reject ad content if we feel it is not relevant to our valued subscribers.

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