SDG&E Trade Professional Alliance

As a member of SDG&E’s Trade Professional Alliance, you can now access two online trainings designed to help you get more of your efficiency projects approved, for a fraction of the normal cost. These trainings, presented by renowned speaker Mark Jewell, provide tools, tips, and strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Learning to S.E.E. (Sell Efficiency Effectively) - $299 FREE for Trade Professionals!
Most decisions are emotional decisions, and making energy-efficiency purchases and changes are no exception. Whether you’re selling efficiency solutions or seeking project approvals, understanding what factors play a role in the decision-making process and knowing how to build rapport with key stakeholders vastly increase your odds of success. Learning to S.E.E. is a “pasta sampler” version of the more comprehensive Efficiency Sales Professional™ (ESP™) Program.  It provides the insights, focus, and skills you need to grow your market share, revenues, and profitability.

Financial Analysis of Energy Efficiency Projects Course Collection - $349 FREE for Trade Professionals!
In this three course series (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced), you’ll learn the basics of financial terminology, how to calculate your project’s true return, strategies for migrating the discussion from “popular” metrics to “proper” ones, how to present the analysis to your customer, and much more. Downloadable financial analysis templates are provided.

The Ultimate (Online) Guide to Benchmarking with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® - $249 FREE for Trade Professionals! The Ultimate Guide to Benchmarking is geared toward both building owners and the professionals who serve them who want to learn how to use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. This online/on-demand training system provides the level of detail needed in a convenient and time-efficient manner. The Ultimate Guide to Benchmarking is comprised of a series of short training modules, each of which addresses a specific benchmarking topic. Students can focus on the module(s) that relate most closely to their particular property type(s).  

Access to these SDG&E-sponsored trainings is extremely limited. Members of SDG&E’s Trade Professional Alliance pay nothing - that's 100% off the normal tuition rate. Register today!

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Interested in taking your success to the next level? Sign up for the SDG&E-sponsored Efficiency Sales Professional Boot Camp scheduled for September, 2016!