Learning to S.E.E. (Sell Efficiency Effectively) - 10 City Tour

We invite you to attend a fast-paced workshop on Selling Efficiency...

This program features highlights taken from the award-winning weeklong Efficiency Sales Professional Certificate Boot Camp and is ideal for anyone that wants to learn how to get customers to say "Yes!" to their energy efficiency or renewable energy projects or services.

This course will be presented by Mark Jewell, a nationally recognized subject matter expert and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get More Projects Approved!

This workshop offers a wealth of insights on selling efficiency more effectively, such as…

  • Understanding and selling all of the benefits of enhanced efficiency (utility cost, non-utility-cost financial, and non-financial)
  • Reframing the benefits of efficiency so they can be measured with the yardsticks used by each segment and decision-making role
  • Appreciating the differences in decision-making drivers among building owners/landlords/tenants
  • Identifying and appealing to sector-specific and role-specific benefits
  • Generating high-impact leads, networking, and collecting referrals with confidence
  • Relationship development
  • Anticipating and addressing myths and objections
  • Communication strategies and tactics, including the value of a well-crafted “elevator pitch”
  • Developing a compelling one-page proposal
  • Calculating a project's true return, including life-cycle cost where applicable
  • Understanding your prospects and building rapport
  • Selling to the C-suite
  • Moving beyond first cost and payback period by understanding and communicating which financial metrics really matter

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  • Developing clients instead of customers