Turning a Prospect into a Client


We spend a lot of time thinking about how to turn prospects into customers. While you should always be looking for new customers to grow your business, you should also remember to leverage your existing customer base in an attempt to turn one-off buyers into long-term clients. In other words, don’t just look for the next sale – look for the next client.

So how do you turn a customer into a client? Think about what services your past customers might be in need of. Perhaps you have a new solution that would complement the previous one. Or perhaps they had a limited budget when you worked with them last year and you can leverage their new budget this year to retrofit one of their inefficient systems.

This strategy requires you to be proactive rather than reactive, of course. You can’t sit back and wait for your customers to call you in for a new project. You have to take the time to chart out how you could fulfill each customer’s needs, and then reach out to each and every one of them.

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