Stop Beating Yourself Up


Do you ever feel anxious or stressed because you weren’t able to accomplish everything you had hoped to accomplish on a given day? Many of you are probably thinking to yourself, “Yes. All the time!” It may not be feasible to simply reduce your workload; however, what you can do is reframe your thinking in a way that helps reduce this stress and anxiety.

According to an article published on the Inc. blog, you should ask yourself five simple questions at the end of each day. These questions are designed to get you thinking about your accomplishments from the day, the things you learned, and the people you helped. Let’s face it – it’s easier (and more natural) to think about what you should have done rather than what you did do. By asking yourself these questions, you’re forcing yourself to focus on the good. You’re reflecting on the positive aspects of your day rather than the negative ones. It’s a powerful exercise, and I encourage you all to read this article and try it out.

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By (Mark Jewell, President of Selling Energy | | | productivity, questioning |
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