Staying Productive While Traveling for Business


Modern technology allows us to be more mobile than ever before. With the ability to get Internet access from virtually anywhere on our many different mobile devices, tasks that once had to be done in the office can now be done remotely. If your work does not require you to meet with people in-person on a regular basis, it can be tempting to pick up your laptop and smartphone and hit the road.

Of course, working remotely – particularly away from a “remote” designated office space such as a home office – has its downsides. If you constantly change locations, your routines and habits can be affected by external and unpredictable factors (such as noise interruptions, ergonomic restraints, and so forth). The key to success on the road is developing a routine that not only maximizes your productivity but also adapts well to working in a variety of settings. An article published on the TravelPerk blog suggests ten tips for staying productive while traveling for business. If you ever work while traveling, I recommend reading this article.

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