Measuring Sales Productivity


As a business owner and sales professional, having the ability to analyze metrics and performance statistics is vital to my success. Early in my career when I was working primarily in sales, I would log and analyze all aspects of my performance to figure out exactly what did and did not work. This allowed me to hone my sales strategy, improve my productivity, and increase my closing ratio.

I think it’s safe to say that most of you probably have some system in place for measuring your sales productivity; However, there are many different ways to analyze performance… and guess what? Some ways work a lot better than others. The Business 2 Community blog published an article called “How Should You Measure Sales Productivity.” The author of this piece interviewed eight top-performing sales professionals to find out which metrics they think are most valuable for measuring sales performance and productivity. Give it a read and see if any of these strategies might provide you with valuable new insight into your performance.!FWIyE

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