Now or Later?


Does your To-Do list have hundreds of items on it? Do you often find yourself putting off tasks for later? If so, you may want to consider reexamining the way in which you manage tasks. While the To-Do list is a great tool, it also has the potential to become a procrastination enabler.

Tasks that are not high on the list of priorities but that you don’t want to forget about altogether are perfect candidates for the To-Do list. Other tasks that are high-priority or that are time-sensitive should either be dealt with immediately or added to a “high-priority” list with a due date. LifeHacker published a great list of “10 Tasks You Should Never Put on the Back Burner.” If you find yourself forgetting tasks, missing opportunities, failing to follow-up when you said you would, or missing important deadlines, I highly recommend reading this short article and considering how you might modify your habits to improve your success:

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