Mind Tricks for Creativity and Productivity


What is the single most powerful tool for boosting creativity and productivity? Look in the mirror and you’ll see it! I’ve written about the key role psychology plays in the sales setting… it plays an equally important role in our own ability to be as creative and productive as we can be. With a few psychological mind hacks and a little practice, we can position minds to do some of the heavy lifting.

Entrepreneur published a blog this week that outlines a number of great mind tricks for boosting creativity and productivity. My personal favorite is “establishing psychological distance” – you can gain clarity on a problem (and find a creative solution for it) by creating psychological distance from the situation and approaching it as an outsider. The author analogizes it to the act of giving someone else advice. It’s much easier to advise others than it is to solve your own problems because of the separation between you and the issue itself.

For the full list of tips and tricks, read the full article below:


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