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As humans, it’s in our nature to gravitate toward busywork and tasks that can be accomplished quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this often leaves bigger, long-term projects in the dust. The key to accomplishing our most important tasks and goals is to work with intention.

According to an article published on the Forbes Leadership blog, there are several ways to work effectively and intentionally. One of the overarching themes in this article is mind-body awareness. What time of day are you most focused? When do you have the most mental energy? Listen to your mind and body, and schedule your most important tasks around them.

The author also recommends pausing at decision points. When you wrap up a task, don’t just arbitrarily move on to the next thing that comes up – think about your priorities and decide if now is a good time to tackle an important task.

If you keep your intentions in mind as you go about your day, you’ll begin to accomplish the things that were once overshadowed by busywork. For more on this topic, read the full article below:

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