Goal vs. Fantasy


As an entrepreneur, I always set “stretch” goals for myself, or goals that may seem too big to be realistically achieved. This idea of “dreaming big” is vital in the entrepreneurial setting – if you don’t stretch, you don’t grow. What sets apart successful entrepreneurs from the rest is that they take the jump and land it. And usually, the landing doesn’t happen by chance – it happens as a result of careful, practical planning.

The best way to make a fantasy a reality is to plan. What steps need to be taken to achieve the goal? Break it down into little pieces; make an action plan; assign each task a due date; find out how much help you’ll need and seek out people or services to help you. You may find that your “unrealistic” goal is actually very realistic – it just needs to be planned from start to finish.

For more on this topic, check out the article below from the LifeHacker blog. I also recommend reading the follow-on article from Entrepreneur (found at the bottom of the LifeHacker piece).


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