Weekly Recap, May 3, 2015


  • Monday: Read Bag the Elephant! How to Win and Keep BIG Customers, by Steve Kaplan, and get a wealth of strategies on how to successfully sell to large accounts.

  • Tuesday: Discover the steps you should take before meeting with a prospect to ensure that you’re as prepared as possible for a meaningful discussion that produces an actionable outcome.

  • Wednesday: Learn why it's important to go beyond the direct benefits of your product or service and highlight the additional positive impacts it can have.

  • Thursday: Discover some best practices for speaking with your prospects and clients.

  • Friday: Find out how to use post-installation follow-up calls to your advantage.

  • Saturday: Read this article from the Huff Post Small Business blog and learn why it's wise to invest a bit of time each week to get organized, reflect, and plan for the week ahead.

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