9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes


When it comes to presentations, the difference between “good” and “great” can make or break the sale. This is the reason I address presentation techniques so frequently on this blog… and why I encourage all of my students to dedicate a significant amount of time to honing their presentation skills.


If you’re interested in improving your performance, I highly recommend reading New Sales Speak: The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, by Terri L. Sjodin. As the title suggests, this book analyzes nine of the most common mistakes that people make in the presentation setting, and it provides a bunch of tips on how to improve your performance.


Here’s a summary from Amazon Books:


“Written for anyone who gives presentations, New Sales Speak, Second Edition identifies the nine most common mistakes people make when presenting and shows you how to avoid them. Inside, you'll learn how to: build and deliver a presentation that is persuasive rather than just informative; make the best use of your allotted time and craft interest-generating elevator speeches; just say "No!" to boring PowerPoint presentations; transform fear into energy; and more!”

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