Silence Is Actually a Rep’s Best Friend


Yesterday, I discussed two strategies (see “Intonation and Pause”) that when used effectively will impact the outcome of the conversation. The power of your question with a downward intonation is magnified greatly by silence afterwards. I tell my ninjas that if they themselves feel uncomfortable with silence and feel an urge to break it, they should just take a sip of water, or even apply some lip balm… Your prospect knows that you’re not going to be the next one talking with a glass of water or lip balm pressed against your lips. It makes it even more obvious that the prospect will have to fill the silence in the wake of your powerful question.

A recent Hubspot Sales blog titled “5 Times You Absolutely Must Shut Up During Negotiation Conversations” takes a look at times you should say nothing. A few of my favorites are: keeping quiet after you’ve laid out your terms, and don’t begin speaking until your prospect has clearly ended their comment. I highly recommend reading the entire article so you can see how silence can play to your advantage in a conversation.

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