Minimum Effective Dose


To effectively maintain productivity (and sanity), you need to find a healthy balance in everything that you do. When you have too much on your plate, too little time, and an unrealistic expectation of getting everything done, you’re going to end up burning out.

According to an article published on the LifeHacker blog, we should approach our tasks the same way a doctor would approach a drug prescription. Doctors prescribe the “minimum effective dose” of a medication, or the lowest dose that will achieve the desired result. This moderation technique reduces the potential adverse effects of the medication. If you keep this principle in mind as you go about your everyday life, you’ll start to notice tasks and activities that you can afford to spend less time on. If something causes you too much stress or takes your time away from other more important tasks, the adverse affects outweigh the benefits and you should consider prescribing yourself the “minimum effective dose.”

For more information about this approach, read the full article below:

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