Effective Efficiency


To maximize productivity, you should strive to do every task as efficiently as possible (without sacrificing quality). This may require an upfront investment of time and money to set up a system that will allow you to spend less time and money in perpetuity. While it’s great to think about ways to make tasks more efficient, it’s not always wise to focus on efficiency in every situation.

Before you invest time, money, or resources to make a task more efficient, consider the importance of that task. Is it a vital part of your business operations? Does it directly (or indirectly) relate to your revenue growth? An article published this week on the Huffington Post blog suggests that we should consider whether or not a something is effective before trying to make it more efficient. In other words, efficiency is useless unless the thing you’re making efficient is actually aligned with your business goals. To quote the article, “It doesn’t matter how well your team climbs Mt. Everest if your intention was to climb the Matterhorn.” Click below to read the full article:


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