Fluff Words


When you’re working on perfecting your elevator pitches, it’s important to check your verbiage to make sure you aren’t using any “fluff” words. What is a “fluff” word? Things like “Pioneering,” “Leading,” “Established,” “Finest,” “Foremost,” and “Original.” Do any of these words mean anything? No. They are about as meaningful as the word “Natural” printed on a loaf of bread in the supermarket.

Even words that seem very logical to use when talking about efficiency may be fluff, such as “Green,” or “Sustainable.” Sure, your company might help people achieve their sustainability goals; however, these words do not describe what you do or what value you bring to the table.

Remember, you have only fifteen seconds to get your pitch delivered, so any time spent on words that are not clear and meaningful is wasted time. Go over your word choices with a fine-tooth comb and replace any fluff words with ones that will add clarity to your pitch.

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