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You may have heard me refer to graduates of the Efficiency Sales Professional™ Certificate Boot Camp as “Sales Ninjas.” Like ninjas, efficiency sales professionals are fearless, quick on their feet, and highly tuned into their prospect’s every move. They can adapt to any situation in which they find themselves and come out triumphant. Regardless of whether or not these skills come naturally to you, they can (and should) be developed and honed.

While training to become an actual “ninja” is not the most effective way to develop these skills, according to an article published on the Inc blog, improv acting classes may be just the ticket. The article draws a parallel between successful sales and leadership professionals and improv actors. To summarize the article’s argument… 

  • Both groups handle themselves with confidence outside of their comfort zone
  • Both groups understand how to avoid negativity
  • Both groups are adept at seeing the world through their partner’s shoes
  • Both groups are sensitive to the body language and emotional state of their partner

If you’re interested in developing your “ninja” skills in a practical way, I highly recommend you read this article (and perhaps even sign up for an improv class!):

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