The 4 Types of Productivity Styles


On today’s productivity-focused blog, we emphasize that there is not one specific tool or way to be productive that works for everyone. Learning and implementing a system that works for you may take some time and practice, but can lead to more productive work sessions.

In a recent article published by online productivity and leadership magazine 99u, “The 4 Types of Productivity Styles” gives insight on how our methods of productivity are personal and can be synced with our natural inclinations. The following are the four productivity styles:

  1. The Prioritizer: “A Prioritizer is that guy or gal who will always defer to logical, analytical, fact-based, critical, and realistic thinking.”
  2. The Planner: “The Planner is the team member who thrives on organized, sequential, planned, and detailed thinking.”
  3. The Arranger: “An Arranger prefers supportive, expressive, and emotional thinking. They are the ultimate team player and excel at partnering with colleagues to get work done.” 
  4. The Visualizer: “A Visualizer prefers holistic, intuitive, integrating, and synthesizing thinking. “

The article also shares detailed insight on how each type functions and contributes to the team, while also suggesting a list of productivity tools to help each type succeed. If you are interested in learning more about these productivity styles, we highly recommend checking out the full article:

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